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Christian Stachiw

Once described as a “Swiss Army Knife”, Christian has built a noteworthy, well-rounded marketing skillset throughout his diverse career. He has marketed and consulted within a variety of industries from entertainment to wealth management, software development, financial services, skincare, oil & gas, and fintech. The goal of this career journey was simple: understand what works, what doesn’t, and summarize the findings through a marketing consulting firm that addresses the needs of various business types.
Christian Stachiw Professional Headshot

Exploring Three Career-Defining Moments


At the age of 23, Christian successfully developed an innovative strategy for an international entertainment organization. The goal was to increase sales for an upcoming international event. The strategy and underlying tactics resulted in sales of over $16 million for the organization.


Later in his career, Mr. Stachiw was the main marketer who led the successful global launch of a fintech SaaS company. In fact, he was the only marketer in the company at the time – taking on the entire pre and post-launch marketing tasks himself.   


Chris simultaneously led the digital marketing efforts for two global technology companies that were operating in opposite business life cycle stages. Both companies required unique marketing strategies that were built from the ground up and adapted to accommodate the demands of various operational regions.

An Idea That Took Over Five Years to Perfect

Upon conducting countless meetings with key leaders across numerous companies, Christian decided to start a consulting firm to address a major digital marketing opportunity. Amongst all his conversations, he noticed a recurring statement that was consistently highlighted by these business leaders: “I understand digital marketing is important, but I have no idea where to begin.”

Did You Know?

According to a recent article by Smart Insights, only 17% of businesses have a defined digital marketing strategy.

How is your business navigating through the complex world of digital marketing?

Fast forward to a meeting conducted in late 2022 between Mr. Stachiw and a noteworthy representative of Meta. The idea of these business leaders not knowing where to begin was further complimented by the fact their businesses will always need an evolving digital marketing strategy tailored to their business life cycle stage. Furthermore, several leaders continued to struggle with the budget, resources, and overall time required to both build and execute a digital marketing strategy correctly. As a result, Stach Consulting was officially launched in early 2023 as a remote-first consulting firm located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to fill the much-needed digital marketing void businesses were looking for.

The Stach Consulting brand was created to offer clients an economical alternative to working with traditional marketing agencies or hiring in-house. As a next-generation firm, Stach Consulting offers digital marketing coaching, synergy, and execution consulting services to businesses of all sizes and complexity. Our digital marketing consulting process is straightforward, but most importantly, it’s different. Simply put: we develop a customized digital marketing strategy for you encompassing best practices proven to break through the noise, close deals faster, and expedite growth. From there, you are empowered with the flexibility to pursue it on your own terms, conditions, and budget through our incomparable service options. We are obsessed with modernizing the way digital marketing services are acquired through an approach that is affordable, personalized, and realistic. Are you ready to be part of our success story?

Core Values

Four C’s that make us tick:

Be Collaborative

Work with clients as opposed to alongside them.

Be Consistent

Provide the highest quality to each and every client.

Be Committed

Do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Be Challenged

Overcome client pain points with poise, determination, and factual reasoning.

Stach Consulting Job Opportunities

We are always on the lookout for digital marketing gurus to join our growing team of consultants. Send us an email at [email protected] with your resume and a brief explanation of how you will make a difference at Stach Consulting. One of our team members will reach out if there is an opportunity we believe you are a perfect fit for. Alternatively, follow us on LinkedIn to remain up to date with our latest job opportunities!

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