Case Study: Discovery Solutions

A successful 6-week website upgrade and content creation project for a reputable oil & gas software provider.

Customer Overview

Since 1983, Discovery Solutions has been a go-to software provider in the oil & gas industry. The company’s flagship all-in-one Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform was built from the ground up and offers battle-tested modules to tackle operational pain points across accounting, manufacturing, field services, rentals, and distribution. The synergistic nature of these modules is backed by a team of industry veterans who all possess extensive industry knowledge and expertise. After four decades Discovery Solutions continues to empower small and medium-sized oilfield service companies across the globe with the tools and insights they need to achieve true operational excellence.


Prior to approaching Stach Consulting, Discovery Solutions was experiencing several challenges associated with a crucial marketing asset: their website. The existing website was significantly outdated and unfortunately did not reflect the modern image the company was looking to portray online. Websites are often referred to as the “first impression” of any company and it was clear that Discovery Solutions’ existing website needed to be modernized to establish this positive first impression.

The team at Discovery Solutions understood the importance of upgrading the website. However, the company experienced yet another challenge upon contacting several marketing agencies. Although these agencies were more than capable of taking on this project, the quotes Discovery Solutions received were astronomical. As a result, Discovery Solutions pivoted and began exploring an alternative approach to complete the website upgrade project. They sought out a company that would effortlessly tackle the requirements and develop a best-in-class website that fit their budget.

The answer for Discovery Solutions was to collaborate with marketing consulting professionals who have proven expertise and personalized insights in this space to make this project come to life.

“We went with Stach Consulting because they offered expert domain knowledge at an affordable price. Also, Chris and his team are very professional and have a track record of high-quality work. They did an excellent job and really delivered for Discovery Solutions.”  – Ryan Blake, CEO at Discovery Solutions.


The core purpose of Stach Consulting is to offer clients a “happy medium” by removing the need to work with a marketing agency or hire in-house. Such a promise created a natural connection between the frustrations Discovery Solutions was experiencing with agencies and the affordable services Stach Consulting has to offer. Upon conducting an initial meeting with the team at Discovery Solutions, it was clear to Stach Consulting that there were five requirements in scope:

  1. Perform the upgrade with the understanding that Discovery Solutions wanted to manage the website themselves after project completion
  2. Professionalize the website making it more hip, modern, and flashier to reflect the future of Discovery Solutions
  3. Add secondary colours to enhance overall branding
  4. Display the company’s value to encourage visitors to reach out
  5. Either repurpose existing content or explore alternatives to create new content

After confirming the project scope, Stach Consulting decided to leverage their established list of marketing professionals and collaborate with the development professionals at Edmonton Website Design. This previously established relationship between the two founders of each company situated the project to have two key components: strategy and development. Stach Consulting was tasked with the strategic aspect of the website upgrade through the creation of a customized website strategy document. A beneficial first step for Discovery Solutions to clearly understand what we were doing, how we were going to do it, and why. The document would be built in a way that would enable it to grow over time, building upon the success of this initial project and using the foundation to explore other key strategic areas of digital marketing. From there, Edmonton Website Design would use these strategic insights to design and develop a customized website in direct collaboration with Stach Consulting.


According to a recent article by Forbes, the rough estimate to build a website from ideation to completion is 10-14 weeks. Stach Consulting completed this project in 6 weeks. In addition, the total project cost was 64% lower as compared to the highest quote Discovery Solutions received from a top-tier marketing agency.

We were looking to maximize our ROI and there was no question about the quality of services provided. This is the future of acquiring outsourced marketing services as the overall approach and pricing was on point. Stach Consulting is rewriting the marketing script. Agencies and other competitive players in this space should keep a close eye on this modern-era firm.” – Tom McDonnell, Business Development Manager at Discovery Solutions.

All project scope tasks were completed on time and this was proven through weekly updates between all involved parties. The website was launched successfully with zero technical errors, is on target in terms of modernization, includes subtle secondary colours, and now displays the company’s value on multiple fronts. In addition, all content displayed on the new website was written by the team at Stach Consulting who, over the timeframe of 3 weeks, quickly familiarized themselves with the company and reflected this in robust messaging that required minimal tweaks.

The two components of the project were completed seamlessly, positioning Discovery Solutions to now have its own unique website strategy document complimented by a custom eye-catching website that can be viewed here. Given the overall success of this project, Stach Consulting and Discovery Solutions will explore additional areas of digital marketing to expand upon the business relationship.

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